In-House Queue
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A Discord Bot designed to organise and create In-House custom games


Enhance the competitive atmosphere in your server with the In-House Queue Discord Bot. In-House Queue allows you to easily organize and run custom games, allowing your members to hone their skills and progress in their favourite titles.
Great for 5v5 games such as League of Legends, Valorant or Overwatch. However, the bot is dynamic, and you can customize the team sizes to match any game of your liking!
If you wish to create a slightly customized version of this bot for your server, please visit our support server and contact any moderator with the support link below. We can also take the burden of hosting away from you.
We're glad you're here! Take a look around. Some useful links are below.

Set up your server!

Running & Hosting

For the technical people interested in running this bot locally or hosting it for your server.

Want to dive deep?

For all the nitty gritty details, please take a look below!
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