📊Leaderboard commands

Commands to manage and interact with the server's leaderboard system

👑 * Admin only commands

ðŸ’Ą * General command for everyone

Required parameters will be in [Square brackets]

Optional parameters will be in (Curly brackets)

👑 Reset commands:

/reset [entity] [options]

👑 Reset full leaderboard:

Entirely resets all leaderboards. This includes wins, losses, MVP votes, MMR and placement matches. Use with care!

👑 Reset the User or entire server

/reset user [member]

Reset a member's wins, losses, MMR, and MVP votes back to 0. Use with care! Omit the optional value member to reset everyone.

👑 Reset MMR

/reset mmr (member)

Resets the MMR scores for all players. The default MMR is 833. Omit the optional value member to reset everyone.

👑 Reset challenges

Clears all ongoing challenges and their progress. We advise resetting the leaderboard and resetting MMR at the same time.

👑 Toggle MMR:

/sbmm [preference]

Switches Matchmaking (MMR) tracking on or off. Once disabled, send a fresh with /start into your queue channel. In most cases, you will now be playing in Team-Based matchmaking mode.

👑 Create a dynamic leaderboard:

/top_ten [channel] [game]

Generates a live, updating leaderboard based on current player standings, currently limited to 10 and the default ranking is for most wins. In most cases, this will already be taken care of by /setup

Running this multiple times will override the previous channel.

ðŸ’ĄView leaderboards:

/leaderboard_[game] (options)

View the server leaderboard based on the available options. Omit options to default to MMR.

ðŸ’Ą View Player stats:

/rank_[game] (member)

View your statistics, or select a player to view theirs.

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