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All supported game modes and their descriptions

MMR Queue

/sbmm Enabled

Our built-in custom MMR system ensures balanced matchmaking. The more games played, the more data InHouseQueue collects to enhance the matchmaking experience. If disabled, Set Teams is automatically enabled.

Set Teams

/sbmm Disabled

Players join the queue for the most competitive servers and can switch sides to form their predefined rosters. This mode does not support MMR.

If enabled, MMR Queue is automatically enabled.

Captain Queue


Turn up the competitive drive and allow captains to pick their teams!

Captain Queue features three modes. They determine how captains are decided.

  1. Highest MMR - The 2 Highest MMR players are picked as captains for the Red and Blue Team

  2. Random

  3. Admin voted - Admins decide on captains per game.

Captain Queue supports awarding players with MMR (Matchmaking Rating) after each game, encompassing wins and losses. Additionally, for a simpler approach, it can be configured to grant only a win or loss outcome, without affecting the MMR. See the options below:

Enable MMR for captain queue

  1. /sbmm Enabled

  2. /captain_queue True

Disable MMR for captain queue

  1. /casual True

  2. /captain_queue True

Casual Queue


No fuss, just fun! Queue up without predefined roles. Teams are randomized, making it perfect for those late-night custom games that may (or may not) involve alcohol.

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