🚀Quick Start

Get your server up and running and ready to use In-House Queue


What good is a bot if it isn't on your server?! Make sure the bot is invited!

Use this link here.

You must have Administrator or Manage channels permissions for these commands.

YouTube Video Set up - https://youtu.be/OwcyRsqwfro (a little outdated)


  1. /setup

  1. Select Quick Setup or Advanced Setup

  1. If you select Quick Setup, the bot will generate all required channels with our default settings:

    1. Team Sizes: 5v5

    2. MMR: ON

  2. If you select Advanced Setup, you will go through an interactive guide to tailor the bot settings to your server needs.

  1. You can change settings at any time. Please visit our complete commands list here.

All voice lobbies and channels will be created in the "Ongoing InHouse Games" category. Please feel free to rename this category and move it wherever you want. However, please do not delete it.

Running /setup multiple times will generate another #queue. You don't need to go through the entire setup every time unless you want to. 👀

All messages in the queue channel are deleted automatically. Please create a specific "In-House chat" text channel for general discussions.

You may have as many queue channels as you need. Multiple games can run concurrently.

That's it! Start playing by running /start in your queue channel!

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