💰Tier 2

Commands enabled for Tier 2 and above Patreon subscribers.

Required parameters will be in [Square brackets]

Optional parameters will be in (Curly brackets)

👑 Admin only

👑 Rename Teams

/team_names [blue] [red] [queue_channel]

Are you bored of the standard "Blue" and "Red" team names? Use this command to change the names! This works especially well with the Team-based queue feature. This feature operates on a per-queue basis. So, you may have a different set of team names for each queue.

How it works

For the Team-based game mode, names are immediately displayed.

For most other game modes, the dedicated team names will only be visible inside a lobby channel once a game has started.

Once a game is over, the match history will also include the team names.

👑 List teams


If you have added many custom team names and need a reminder, this command gives you a quick overview of all the team names you've set and their associated queue channels.

👑 Hide players names

/anonymize [preference] [queue_channel]

This command will hide player names as they join the queue. Players will remain anonymous until a match starts. This also works for duo queue and Team-based game mode. This option can be enabled on a per-queue basis.

How it works

👑 Ready up Penalties

/ready_penalty [preference] (duration_1) (duration_2) (duration_3)

Have one or two players who never seem to ready up on time? You can bring in small punishments for players who are not ready.

Once enabled, players that don't ready up are given a temporary queue ban. Failing to ready up increments the offence counter by +1, up to a maximum of 3.

At the highest penalty level (tier 3), players must wait the full tier 3 penalty time until they successfully ready up at least once. For example, assuming the maximum penalty of 1 hour, If a player misses a ready check while at warning level 3, they will face a 1-hour wait every time they miss a ready check.

How it works

  1. Run the command and pick a duration for each offence.

  2. If a player misses the ready check, they will have to wait for the duration you set for first_offence_duration .

  3. Once they wait out the ban, they can queue again. If they fail to ready up again, they will then wait for the duration you set for second_offence_duration. If they fail to ready up the third time, they will stay on the third_offence_duration until they learn not to AFK while in a queue!

👑 Reset penalties for a user or the whole server

Remove a queue ban from a player, or your whole server with these two commands


/reset_user_penalties [user]

👑 Best of 3 or 5 series

/best_of_series [preference] [queue_channel] [series_type]

Best of 3 or 5.

How it works

This will be enabled on a per-queue basis. So you may have a dedicated queue channel for best of 3 or 5 series. This feature works especially well with Team-Based InHouses, as it aligns perfectly with Scrims.

Players will be reminded in the lobby that it's a best of 3 or 5. Admins or players will be required to end a game every time a match finishes within a series. Feel free to take a break between matches!

Once a series has been completed, the scores will be attached to the match history embed.

As of writing, one series counts as one game. For example, a best of 3 will not count as 3 total games or 3x MMR.

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