🔁Queue commands

Commands to manage player queues and related preferences

Required parameters will be in [Square brackets]

Optional parameters will be in (Curly brackets)

/user_dequeue [member]

Remove specific players from the current queue. Ideal if a player is AFK.

If used during the ready-up phase, the player is still removed and other players are unaffected, the ready-up phase then returns to a normal queue.

/reset queue [gameid]

Clears the current queue, removing all players.

/queue_preference [preference]

Toggle member's permission to be in 2 or more queues at once. Once a game starts, players are always removed from all others they are in.

Toggle the duo queue feature, where two players can queue together. Once activated, please send a fresh queue into your queue channel with /start

/duo_queue [preference]

How it works:

  1. Player 1 and Player 2 both join the queue in separate positions/roles.

  2. Player 1 clicks the Duo button and selects the player they want to Duo with from the drop-down menu

  3. They confirm their duo selection.

  1. Player 2 will receive a DM from InHouseQueue, they must accept this duo request.

  1. Once Player 2 has accepted the invitation, the duo is confirmed.

  2. Both players will receive an emoji next to their names 1ïļâƒĢ

If one player leaves the queue, the full process must happen again.

This feature will bypass MMR for Duo'd players. Keep this in mind when enabling in a more competitive environment. Players with great synergy can quickly take over the leaderboards

Activate or deactivate the auto-fill option. Fill displays an extra button in the queue. Players who join fill will automatically be given a random available role once the queue is filled.

/fill [preference]

Establish a queue system where team captains select players.

/captain_queue [preference]

How it works:

  1. Please select how you want captains to be decided.

    1. Highest MMR

    2. Randomized Captains

    3. Admin decided - Captains are selected by administrators of the server for each game.

  1. Once there are enough players in the queue. The bot will create a team-selection text channel.

  1. The 2 captains will take turns selecting players until all players have been picked.

    1. The pick order can be changed by running /captain_pick_order

  2. The default pick order is snake draft (1-2-2-1)

  3. To cancel a game during team selection please void the game using the gameId /void [gameid]

/set_timer [minutes]

Adjust the duration of the ready-up phase. This is how long players have to ready up once a game has been found.

Minimum 1 minute. Maximum 30 minutes

/casual [preference]

Switch between casual and competitive queue modes.

Casual mode does not track MMR and does not require players to select roles. Teams will be randomized.


Define a schedule for queue availability.

The bot will automatically send a new queue at your start time. Afterwards, the bot will close the queue at the end time.

How it works:

  1. Run the /schedule command

  2. Select Add/Update schedule

  3. Select the queue you want a schedule for

  4. Select your timezone, start time and end time

To Delete a schedule repeat steps 1,3, and 4, but select Remove schedule for step 2.

/add_lobby_info [title] [description]

Include additional information inside each game lobby. This can be used to remind players of server rules, game rules or instructions on how to set up a game.

How it works

  1. Run the /add_lobby_info command.

  2. Enter your title and description. Markdown is supported.

  3. Once you're done, press enter and you will be given a preview.

  1. This embed will now be sent into every game lobby.

You can remove custom lobby info with /remove_lobby_info

/set_queue [channel] [gamemode]
/unset_queue [channel]

By default, changing the game mode (such as Captain, Casual, MMR, etc.) affects all queues on the server. For instance, switching from Captain mode to MMR mode will change all queues on your server to MMR mode. However, with this command, you can lock specific queues to certain game modes. This feature enables you to have, for example, one queue dedicated to Casual mode, another for Captain mode, and so forth.

All valid game modes supported can be found here.

This does not have a separate leaderboard. Leaderboards are still global to the server.

/rolling_queue [preference]

Activate a Rolling queue, or what we like to call an infinite queue. The rolling queue feature allows for a seamless and continuous gaming experience by enabling unlimited members to join a queue.

The bot forms a game when enough players fill all roles, then queues the remaining players for the next game, continuing the cycle.

/show_mmr [preference]

Enable this to display players' current MMR next to their names in the queue.

If you play more than 1 game in your server (LoL, Overwatch, Valorant or Custom) the MMR will be from your most recent game played.

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