💊InHouseQueue Challenges

What are challenges?

Challenges are a fantastic way to engage your community, spark friendly competition and reward active members.

As of writing ALL servers get at least 11 free challenges. As a Patreon supporter, you will get exclusive access to all 20+ more. Patreon-exclusive challenges are more complex and engaging.

We're always adding new Free and Premium challenges to keep an eye out!

How do I know what challenges are available?

Just run /challenges show_all- This brings up a menu of ALL challenges available.

Can I track how I'm doing?

Of course! You can use /challenges personalto view your progress. If you know you should have a challenge already, try playing another game! Or you can always /challenges refresh

How do I unlock a challenge?

Players unlock challenges by reaching certain milestones as they play their favourite games using InHouseQueue.

For example; Winning 5 games in a row will grant you the Ultimate Flex achievement.

Once a player unlocks a challenge, InHouseQueue automatically grants them a Discord role to show off! Players are also pinged and congratulated so everyone can see!

How do I start?

Just run /challenges startto start the fun!

Can I stop challenges?

You may pause challenges at any point with /challenges pause. This pauses everyone's progression of challenges until you turn it back on with /challenges start.

Make sure you have enough Discord role slots available! Discord Caps the amount of roles you can have per server at 250. So, you'll need around 10-30 free slots.

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