In-House Queue
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Admin commands

/[command] [options]
reset leaderboard
entirely resets all leaderboards. This includes wins, losses, MVP votes, MMR and placement matches. Use with care!
reset queue
will remove all users from a specified queue. This will not work with games that are in progress. You may need to "refresh" the embed by joining and leaving the queue.
reset user
will reset a member's wins, losses, MMR, and MVP votes back to 0. Use with care!
reset mmr
[user] (optional)
Reset a member MMR or the entire server MMR back to default.
will remove a single user from all queues. This command will also remove a user from a ready-up check if it's clear they are AFK. You may need to "refresh" the embed by joining and leaving the queue.
will purge all records of a game entirely. Will remove any lingering channels and roles associated to the gameid.
It's similar to void but not as aggressive. Cancel an ongoing match. Ongoing usually means a lobby still exists. This will delete all voice lobbies, text channels and roles related to that game.
[gameid] [team]
Use this command to change the winner of a finished game if the first result is incorrect. More details
will immediately end a game with a winner you select. This skips all voting phases and will post the match results. This can only be run on an ongoing game.
toggle whether players can be in multiple queues simultaneously. If Single-Queue, players can only be in 1 queue at a time. Players are automatically removed from all queues once they have accepted a game.
Skill-based matchmaking. By default, the bot handles matchmaking with its built-in advanced matchmaking algorithm. When disabled, the "Switch Teams" button is activated, and players can use this to organise themselves into teams. When active with captain_queue the bot will still give players MMR. More details
[#channel] [game]
set up a leaderboard that automatically updates. The leaderboard displays the Top 10 players on the server. It will prioritise total wins.
grant_game_commands revoke_game_commands
[role] [command]
Grant or revoke game-related permissions to a specific discord role
grant_leaderboard_commands revoke_leaderboard_commands
[role] [command]
Grant or revoke leaderboard-related permissions to a specific discord role
grant_server_commands revoke_server_commands
[role] [command]
Grant or revoke server-related permissions to a specific discord role
grant_user_commands revoke_user_commands
[role] [command]
Grant or revoke user-related permissions to a specific discord role
grant_queue_commands revoke_queue_commands
[role] [command]
Grant or revoke queue-related permissions to a specific discord role
Enable or Disable the duo queue system. 2 players who duo will be on the same team regardless of MMR
[#channelname] [region]
Update the region of an existing queue channel. Currently, this is only used for League of Legends. The region of the queue is used to determine what region is for the link.
Automatically set up required queue channels to use InHouseQueue.
[ign] [member] [game]
Update anyone's IGN.
Users who leave the server are automatically removed from the leaderboards. In the rare case, they aren't forcefully using this command to remove them.
Remove all users with 0 wins, 0 losses and 0 MVP votes from the leaderboard. May be required to clean up the leaderboard after a leaderboard reset.
[condition] [game] [feature]
This command is used to enforce specific rules. For example, players must set an /ign before they can queue up.
[role] [game]
Set a role that members must have before they can queue. Useful when you want to "ban" players from queuing without officially banning them.
[option s]
This will enable/disable casual mode. When enabled, there will only be 1 button to join the queue. Once there are enough players, the ready-up phase will continue as normal. Teams are randomized. This is for casual, fun games. MMR is not given or taken away while this is active.
This will add an extra queue button of "Fill". Players who queue fill will automatically be assigned a random available role when the ready-up phase starts. It's beneficial when you need 1 or 2 more people to get a game going and a player doesn't mind playing in any position.
schedule delete_schedule
Schedule when the queue opens and closes automatically (Timezones: UTC, EST, EDT) Delete aschedule
[options] [feature]
Toggle specific default InHouseQueue features.
Toggle test mode. With this enabled, only two players are required to test the full functionality of the bot. Please enable this and send a new queue with /start
Enable Captain mode. There are 3 options for selecting captains.
  1. 1.
    The two Highest MMR Players
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
    Admins decide who the captain is per game
Before a lobby is created, InHouseQueue will create a team-selection channel. Here, captains will pick their teams with a fair and balanced pick order. After teams have been selected, the lobby is created.
add_mmr remove_mmr
[member] [percentage]
Increase/Decrease a member MMR by an approximate percentage %
Change how long the up phase lasts. Minimum 1 minute, Maxmium 30 minutes
add_lobby_info remove_lobby_info
Add a customized embed in each game lobby. You can add a title and description. Once you set it, you'll get a preview. You can use this to template server-wide information in every lobby. E.g. Remind players of rules, instructions on how to invite etc.
Running this multiple times will update your lobby info. Remove this lobby info.
[channel] (optional)
Displays what permissions InHouseQueue needs to function. It should help with setting up the bot.

Extra information - change winner

  • If the wrong winner is voted, admins can still update the results; they will also know which players voted for the bad team and hand out punishments as they see fit.
  • If the wrong team is voted the winner, an admin can fix the results, but players must only play further games once this is done. This is because their MMR will be affected by the incorrect results, and they will be reset back to their intended MMR once the issue is resolved. If players ignore this rule, their progress in the intervening games will be lost.

Extra information - sbmm

When disabled, MMR and placement matches are no longer tracked and are paused until you turn this feature back on. Further, the top ten leaderboards also change to reflect this.